Tables, lighting, and flooring, oh my

The tables were pretty much a no-brainer since I’m sponsored by Joola and the official table used for many of the US 4-star tournaments is the Joola 3000 SC. The warehouse space is large enough to comfortably setup 12 tables, 13 if I want to squeeze them in just a little tighter.

Lighting is very important and it turns out this site already has very powerful T5 lighting in place, so the visibility is excellent. Google T5 lighting if you want to learn more. See below.

Flooring is another animal altogether. The tables and lighting are all important, but to give the center a professional look I want to make sure high quality table tennis flooring is used on top of the sealed concrete floors currently in place. The standard flooring that many clubs use is very expensive, and it’s sold by a company called Gerflor. I could purchase it at a discount here in the US, but I can purchase similar flooring directly from a manufacturer in China at 1/2 the cost, so I’ve signed up on Alibaba to purchase some samples.