Building Site Plan

Well here is the latest and greatest regarding the site plan the zoning office requires. I got a building plan from the owner and made the 3 copies per the requirements of the zoning office, but when I showed them to one of the planners they pointed out several pertinent pieces of information were missing. We didn’t have the scale to size listed, the dimensions of the parking lot and parcel of land or the building itself, a compass on the drawing indicating which direction was north, and some other info.  In other words our drawing was just a basic drawing that didn’t meet their requirements at all. My attorney found out that we can use a zoning tool or freehand the plan that includes the required info. If we want to hire a surveyor to do a survey this can usually be done in a week and will cost about $500.  I think I’ll look into using the zoning tool to see if we can do that. Stay tuned.