The last 24 hours for our Kickstarter! Can we make it?

Our campaign will end by Sat, January 27 2018 9:35 PM EST.

24 hours… $6,500 to go. Can we make it?

This week has been a really busy week at SpinBlock.

Sunday, we, and with the help of JR and Joon, got part of the walls in the main area painted.

Monday and Tuesday, we had professional painters came to do rest of the walls

Wednesday, Margaret gave the old display case a makeover, and got a new register stand.

Thursday, the flooring from China finally got here! 300lbs each, 13 of them.

Friday, electricians were here to install 8 additional lights.

This weekend we will be busy getting the flooring rollout and air out, and putting some finally finishing touch on things.

We have 65 people pledged for their support, reached $8,544 of our $15,000 goal.

But we will NOT be getting the support if we don’t make our goal in the next 24 hours. So please DO share our project with your friends, colleagues, family. Let’s make it happen!

Thank you!