SpinBlock Table Tennis

My name is David Stout. Most of the table tennis players know me as SuperDave.

The year was 1980 and I was attending Indiana University in Bloomington.  I attended IU because my father graduated from IU, and by god that’s where his son was going as well.  Grew up playing ping pong in my small town, I quickly found the ping-pong table at my dorm’s activity center.  I made friends with another student that enjoyed playing ping-pong, and thus began a friendship that would last a lifetime.

We were both beginners at the time, but we loved the game and were eager to improve. I started learning how to loop (stroke the ball with topspin), so I would ask my friend to stand at the table and block my loops back to me.  He became sort of like a tennis backboard, blocking loop after loop.  We played every chance we had and improved quickly. I got better at spinning the ball, and he got better at blocking.

After 2 years at IU, I moved away and transferred to a university that had a table tennis team.  My friend and I lost touch for many years, but little did we know that we had both kept playing and that our passion for this great game would reunite us when I moved back to the Indianapolis area in 2002.  My friend was also playing at the club in Indianapolis, and so we picked up right where we left off all those years ago.

I started a club at the Monon community center in Carmel, and finally decided to form my own table tennis business.  The name “SpinBlock” quickly came to mind, because practicing with my friend on that table at IU is where it really all started for me.  I would spin the ball, and my friend would block for me.  I didn’t know it when I began playing back at IU, but ping-pong (table tennis as I would learn later), would become a passion that would last a lifetime, and change my life forever.

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